Paris based Into The Deep Records label was founded in 2015, by Arthur Lastmann & Step Daw, aims at releasing music that speak to their soul. Described as a platform to enhance and promote today’s music scene with no genre frontier, highlighting a wide musical spectrum, not necessarily by always issuing banging dancefloor tracks, but by carefully selecting emotive electronica. The project was initially called Confluence, in reference to the junction of two rivers or an act or process of merging.

Music is the core element but the concept has always been visually related whose quality is reflected in the highly considered and accompanying artwork. For that matter, they are working closely with Aurélien Farina, from the studio Paper Tiger specialized in contemporary art & graphic design, who gives his own visual interpretation for every release.




Chicago based Tetrode mastermind Specter takes up the torch with a (too) long awaited solo EP on Into The Deep records. As a true soldier of the underground, Andres has been designing his sound over the last two decades, bridging the gap between Chicago and Detroit. A spectacular EP exploring jazz, raw, deep and spacey territories from one master of the genre: that’s what Dreamscape is all about.


MODEX – A Disturbance In The Field (ITDR005)

Into The Deep brings Modex for this 2019 space excursion. The Berlin based rising talent’s sound signature can’t leave anyone indifferent. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy this fast-paced interstellar ride where melodies, drone acid lines & percussive drum patterns create a deep, powerful yet emotive sound for the late night dancefloor hours.



Over the last 4 years, ITDR squad explored the whole galaxy to find the mysterious Marvin Dash. They finally tracked him down and convinced him to join the crew for a 2018 space quest. 7 years after his last release on Workshop, Marvin signs a sublime comeback with 3 mesmerizing mid-to-down tempo cuts. You will find his hypnotic-loops signature with rich textures, sparkling synth works, tribal drum patterns and basslines. The wizardry formula for a shamanic trip on the dancefloor and beyond…

  DEREK CARR – Voyager (ITDR003)

Captain Derek Carr joins Into The Deep forces through its third intergalactic journey. The gifted man is well known for his unrivalled sound incursions in the early 00’s. In command of the expedition, Derek unveils a classy 4 titles EP blending his detroit-influenced trademark sounds, lush synths, breakbeat syndrome & droning basslines. It results in a futuristic journey by convoying us to a rave somewhere on Mars before daybreak.

LEONID, Paris 5 (ITDR002)


For the second installment, Into The Deep Records welcomes Leonid on board of the spaceship. After impressive releases on Sistrum and Dolly among others, Leonid comes up with a stellar 4 tracks EP cut for dancefloors. Landing deep in planet X analogic territories, you will find Leonid distinctive acid grooves fused in heavy basslines with layered sounds and amazing percussion work for a mystic journey across Nibiru‘s galaxy.

JOSÉ RICO, Dubvolution (ITDR001)


With a graceful 4 tracks EP called Dubvolution, the spanish Downbeat member José Rico combines his downtempo dubbby signature with his dynamic work expertise, merging abstract territories between Ambient & House led by the eternal quest of harmony. B-side receives amazing guitar contribution from Gal Aner [half of Juju & Jordash], giving a special dubby feeling to Rico’s perspective.

DARAND LAND, Exposure To Form (CFLC001)


Paris based Into The Deep Records is entering the music scene with a stunning 4 track EP from true deep house scientist Darand Land. On this debut Land provides his very own interpretation of the Confluence concept. The result is a beautiful project that takes the listener to another sphere of consciousness, through a cosmic journey filled with intense feelings & emotions.